Technical Solution
Providing technical solutions appropriate to the economic structure of the community; to their ability to finance, operate and maintain the activity, while adhering to the environmental conditions and management capabilities applicable to the community.
Collaboration and Donor Coordination
Appropriate sector-wise strategic planning, taking into account the synergy that exists between the resources and services. In water sector, ensuring sustainability and moving beyond the provision of water services towards planning for economic growth and development using water as the catalyst.
Environmental Impact Assessment
Effectively plan and co-ordinate environmental management strategies and policies; and, institutionalize and monitor environmental management activities at project level.
Strategic Project and Programme Management
Undertake and to develop internal Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) process, which enables the project to downscale as necessary in future without encountering problems in the labour relations arena.
Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
AMeasure progress made towards meeting project objectives and goals, while analyzing roadblocks and backlogs.
Health, Hygiene and Sanitation
Facilitating programmes promoting effective and low-cost sanitation methods, encouraging good hygiene and improving access to clean water supplies. Projects in this nature helps people to live healthier lives.
Gender Mainstreaming and HIV AIDS
Direct and facilitate projects to implement gender policies and frameworks, while ensuring the operational objectives are realized.
Institutional Development and Review
Institutional development is a vital tool in the struggle for sustainable development and structural poverty reduction.
Knowledge Sharing and Best Practice Promotion
Ensuring sustainability and increase the possibilities for growth and development, while actively engaging with all levels of government, the private sector and all the relevant stakeholders if needed to.
Mainstream of NGOs and CBOs
Assist with conducting independent research, monitoring and evaluation of service delivery issues, choices of appropriate technology and involvement of communities in project work.
Manage and develop water related projects to promote economic growth and alleviate poverty; and align existing projects such as Water Allocation Reform, Multiple Uses of Water, Water Services/Water Resources Linkages and planning of new dams, with the concept of WfGD.