Problems of poverty, unemployment, inequality and basic needs fulfilment are common facts of life today in many developing countries. Worsening socio-economic conditions in developing countries have underscored the urgency of implementing a development path that de-emphasizes growth and technological monoculture (Akubue 2000).

PELCO Development Consultants offer Professional Services to National, Provincial and Local Government Structures, Water Utilities and Other Government and Non-Governmental Agencies towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in Water, Sanitation, Poverty Alleviation and IT Innovation through sustainable provision of infrastructure, institutional development, effective collaboration and coordination with all stakeholders.

Our key expertise areas include, facilitating appropriate Technology, Job Creation and Labor Intensive Constructions, Collaboration and Donor Coordination, Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Project and Programme Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, Health, Hygiene and Sanitation, Gender Mainstreaming and HIV AIDS, Institutional Development and Review, Knowledge Sharing and Best Practice Promotion
Mainstream of NGOs and CBOs and WfGD. 

Also PELCO IT division focuses on delivering above industry standard BA Consultancy, Tech Consultancy and Program Management in the IT industry for local and global clients.




Trained as a Civil Engineer and worked during the past 4 decades in Sri Lanka, Zambia, South Africa, Maldives & Australia in Water sector policy review, infrastructure development to meet MDGs, Large Housing & Infrastructure Development, Local Government, Institutional Development Sectors and International Donor Funding Mobilisation & Coordination